Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

We watched The Spiderwick Chronicles last night - weeee! I like it! :-) Imdb link. A good, hearty adventure fairy tale. With emphasis on 'fairy'... :-) Got the same good feeling from it as I get when watching Harry Potter films (although it's close but not quite as good).
This film is based on a series of five books with the same title (link to web page here) and naturally I should read the books too, I will have to find time to do some reading soon. :-)

I can't wait until we can watch this type of film together with our son. But in this particular case it possibly would have to wait until he's at least seven, or even older. I thought it was pretty scary at times! :-D

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ding 60!

Glömsk finally made it to lvl 60. :-D It only took some 14 days played to get there, but in real time it would be closer to 3 years... :-D

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pan Restaurant & Night club

After a long day in town we decided to not go to Magnus Ladulås (we tend to always end up there because of the reasonably priced and delicious food) and couldn't get a table at Kryp In (which was fortunate seeing their menu has jumped up a notch price wise). So we went a-wandering along the cobbled streets of Old Town/Gamla Stan to find a restaurant to feed four hungry adults and a one-year-old.

We stumbled upon this seemingly brand new place "Pan Restaurant & Nightclub" serving "South European food". It was very stylish, clean and open (the place triggered some very old memories of "Marble Bar" in Sydney, only not quite as grand). I worried we perhaps wouldn't be welcome in case it was exclusively for smartly dressed night-clubbers and bar-hangers but after a quick scouting tour inside we were made to feel very welcome by the expressive head waiter.

Nothing in our visit to this restaurant was disappointing. My fish soup was delicious. The 28 days tenderized beef served with french fries and fresh veg's was apparently to die for. :-) Service was excellent although the waitress in training forgot to bring us our drinks (something which the waiter could have noticed when bringing us our food) and the waiter charmed Tobias who flirted back rather happily. They heated Tobias food without protests and served it on a really nice plate with his own cutlery. The waitress even asked if we would like to wait with his food until ours was ready to serve and she suggested a straw for his water, a totally unexpected and much appreciated initiative!

The sound level was low even though the restaurant filled up (half full) while we were sitting there, the space was airy and attractive and the food was great. There's absolutely no reason not to go back there! :-)

There's unfortunately only a few traces of this restaurant on the web, old job ads on different websites (link) but I believe it's located on Stora Nygatan 40-42 (on the corner to Schönfeldts Gränd).

Worth noticing is that at the moment you get 20% off for orders placed before 6pm.


We desperately needed somewhere to break for afternoon snack, cup of warming coffee and restroom needs today and ended up in a previously untested café in Stockholm Old Town.

Holy schmoly it is by far the worst café I have ever visited! I so rarely go in to town nowadays and I so cherish my coffee and "fikabröd" that the quiality of Café Art really put me back. This horrid place should be put out of business and made into an art gallery or something totally different before it has a chance to ruin other people's café experiences!

Review at CINT (in Swedish).

Street Christmas markets

After nearly taking the longest detour ever possible we took a right turn and asked a couple coming from that direction if we were heading the right way (we were) we finally found it - Street Christmas markets.

It was a let-down.

It was small, far from cosy, far from unique and I don't see the point in returning. Except maybe for a thick Thai-silk woven winter shawl on sale for 150 SEK...

My brief visit a few years back, when walking around Södermalm a bright sunny Sunday morning together with J & J was totally different. But then again, this time it was incredibly chilly and my expectations were probably too high. It may also be that the "original" Street actually had to shut down and move to a new location, this was a "quick fix" replacement market if I understand it correctly.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Nhu's Thai

We had lunch at Nhu's Thai restaurant at Hornstull on Söder (Stockholm) today, I say WOW! We climbed off the subway after traveling for 45 minutes to get to town for the Christmas markets today and _needed food quickly_. This restaurant was one of two options close by, the place was nearly empty and we clambered in with stroller and baby no problem.
We ordered food, got Tobias food heated and by the time he was half way through his meal we got our food. And what food it was! :-D Glorious food!

We saw on the window outside that it had been nominated to the "Gulddraken" by one of the main newspapers in town. I can clearly understand why now. :-)

S ordered a fish dish which was beautiful in every aspect. It was crisp, it was colourful with a rich spicy taste and the serving was large. I ordered my classic (seeing my appetite is at rock bottom) Thom Ka Gai (chicken soup with coconut milk, lemon grass, mushroom and coriander) and it was yummy. Perhaps not knocking any socks off, but I refuse to review food in this state of appetite! I read later that they serve Thai fish cakes and I SO regret not having some, they are just generally the most delishious Thai food I know! :-) The menu offered some not so regular Thai choices because of an offering of food from the northern regions of Thailand, I like that.

Only bad thing I can think of was that the restaurant was rather chilly as we were one of the few tables inhabited. It probably gets better as it fills up but I still wish they'd have some form of additional heating installed. :-)

More about Nhu's (in Swedish):
DN's Äta ute - beskrivning och hitta dit
DN's Äta ute - recension (besök)

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Ohhh! I like this one so much I am going to have to buy all the merchandise there is! :-D

IMDB Link:

It's a sweet sweet love story wrapped up in a pretty cool sci-fi story. The proportions are such that if you choose to you don't have to spend any time thinking about the background story (about a potential future for us humans) but can focus entirely on the story about love and hope. I like both aspects of it. And I love Pixar.

I have seen on the net that with this film Pixar released a new short film called "Burn-E" but I haven't been able to catch it anywhere yet. Might have to buy the DVD. :-)

Burn After Reading

We also watched "Burn After Reading" (imdb link) at the cinema in Norway and the only reason I mention it here is so that I can remember that I didn't like it. I have an urgent feeling this film is "hyped" and will be so forever just because it's directed and written by the infamous Coen brothers.

It's jampacked with famous big name actors (Clooney, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Malkovich, Pitt) but it's cheap cheap cheap.
The plot is simpleminded with a tendency to rely on slapstick-like acting and it's poorly tied together.

Sure it is funny, but it's painful to see everyone overacting in that slapstick/humor-like way. Clooney pulls off a reasonably good anal type of guy, but he's the only one. Pitt is just boring and John Malkovich is worringly realistic in his slow decay.
So no need to watch this one, if you have an alternative - pick that one instead! :-)

Through a Glass, Darkly

Original title: I et speil i en gåte
IMDB link:

We decided to watch a "native" movie when we went to Norway last and timed it to the premiere of this bittersweet painfully beautiful and odd film. It has stayed with me, which is one of the few really trustworthy quality meters I have. So I recommend it warmly.

My only comment would be that the main character, Cecilie played by Marie Haagenrud came across as older than she was supposed to be. But I also think that some of the nuances in her personality hadn't been available had they selected a younger actress.

It is based on a book with the same name by Jostein Gaarder (author of amongst other "Sophie's World").

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bad night for Warcraft

It's evenings like these that makes me loose the urge to play Warcraft. I've been trying to get a plug-in to work all evening, when I finally get it to work it doesn't quite cut it compared to the old version of itself. Blech.

Crazy crazy crazy

I will never ever ever understand this! :-(

Why is it

...that in some countries it's quite OK to store egg in room temperature but in other countries egg are stored in the fridge?

...that jam and peanut butter can be stored in room temperature in some countries, but not in others?

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Time to 70

Total time played: 31 days, 10 hours, 51 minutes, 21 seconds
(Time played this level: 0 days, 0 hours, 52 minutes, 59 seconds)


Ding 70!!

Ha ha! I finally made it. Many hours and days played and Teéhe finally hit level 70. Should have a big celebration but I think I'll stagger away to bed instead.

Oh, and I got me a flying mount too, isn't it neat?? ;-) Had saved a 'holly' from an in-game Christmas event some years ago - it transforms my brand new regular blue flying mount to "something more festive"... :-D

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ding 55!


Glömsk has turned 55, only took something like a year or so... :-)


Total time played: 12 days, 21 hours, 51 minutes, 46 seconds.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

In-game gaming

PopCap Games are soon releasing an in-game version of "Bejeweled" for Warcraft. :-D Imagine that, finally something entertaining to do while flying to somewhere or while waiting for a Zeppelin.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

You know you're tired when...

You know you're really tired when you fall asleep while running from AH to the mailbox in Orgrimmar.


Sunday, 10 August 2008

New alt

Last week I rolled a new alt, on the European server "Outland". Joining the guild "Wolf Claw" which is headed by (amongst other) 'Humlan', my best friend Mrs Humlan's husband. :-) He's been nagging me to play on his server a long time now, but it's difficult to switch just like that when all my time invested in this game is spent on mainly the same server (Dragonblight). Unfortunately Dragonblight is PvE (player versus environment) and Outland is PvP (player versus player) so I can't migrate/move any characters from Dragonblight to Outland. It is a pity, since almost everyone I know (in game) has left Dragonblight.

What finally convinced me to roll a new character on Humlan's server was the fact that Humlan's wife FINALLY FINALLY started playing Warcraft!!!! FINALLY! :-D :-D :-D She is so much fun and even though we haven't played much together yet I can't wait until I've leveled up so we can. She's rolled a tauren hunter, I rolled an orch hunter so we'll be a strong four man band once we get together. :-) It'll be so much fun! Just hope she doesn't get sidetracked back into Oblivion again... :-D

Yours truly,

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ding 69!

Weeee! Finally, the elusive level 70 is within reach. :-) I checked yesterday, it has taken me 30 days in-game to get to this level. That's not too bad considering how many years it has taken in real life... :-D With a bit of luck I'll have time to be 70 before the next expansion... (unlike level 60, where I had to rush to get in to Outlands). :-)

Manah-manah ha ha

A shadow priest's one and only task in a raid is to be a mana generator, no matter how much dps (damage per sec) they think they can do. :-) This muppet show video clip with Warcraft subtitles are just too good. :-D S plays a shadow priest (I stick to the holy side of priesthood = healing).

Saturday, 5 July 2008


Call me simple minded, but it doesn't seem to wear off - I still giggle a little (in my mind) when I hear the "non-player character" (NPC) gnomes in Warcraft speak with their typical New York accent... X-)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Not long after I removed my "method of payment" from my Age of Conan account I received an email from Funcom asking me to please tell them why. I like that. So that's one point to Funcom. They get another point for making bits and pieces of Conan rather likable too. But that's not going to make me continue to play. I might return to Conan later though, if I start to hear good things about it again.

Thing is, I wonder if they are going to get enough money to make those much needed improvements if everyone does what I do?

Sunday, 22 June 2008

More Spore

Had to test creating another creature. :-) It's fascinating how "stuck" I am in my perception of animals/creatures. This looks like a rabbit, right?
Why does it have to look "like" something? I'm totally free to build a five legged treble mouthed twin headed [anything], but instead I find I'm creating horse-like replicas, rabbits and other creations like real animals... :-) Silly me. Maybe I'll be able to let my imagination run free if I practice a little? :-)

But now it's bedtime. High time for it too.


The trial edition of Creature Creator has been tested, the full version (a whopping 59 kr) is being downloaded as I type. :-)

I can't help liking it. It will be interesting to see what they offer in the full version. The green thing on the picture above was built with what they let you play with in the free trial version. :-D

Fun fun fun!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Me want

Ha ha :-D Who wouldn't want one of these? A Boba Fett USB memory stick. Only Darth Vader is available in 2GB though so they're not very large unfortunately.

Read all about it here:

The end of Age of Conan...

I've just removed my "method of payment" from my account page. That means I'm only able to play for the remainder of the "free" period included in the game package. Not that it's a problem, because I am afraid I am returning to WoW. Good ol' Warcraft...

Age of Conan isn't good enough to keep my interest, casual player as I am. I need it to work without hiccups, I need it balanced and I need much more Warcraft. 8-) I really like the fighting, the combat system, which is much more intense and far better than anything Warcraft has to offer. But it doesn't compensate for the environmental bugs and the poorly designed status and gear details. So I'll let it mature for a bit. If I hear good things about it later I'll give it another chance.

So it's back to WoW again, back to the repetitive, pretty, comfortable, fun, warcraft. :-)

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bedtime discussion

Din chans förlorades i vardagsrummet när du inte ville gå och lägga dig. ;-) Nej.
När jag har borstat?
Want to bet?
How much?
För mig?
Om jag lägger mig innan tre?

Hinner inte. Vill nu.

---> and those of you gifted with knowledge in both Swedish and English, none of what you think this is about is what it is about. None. ;-)

Monday, 2 June 2008

No Country for Old Men

We watched "No Country for Old Men" (imdb link) the other night, it was nice.

Saturday, 31 May 2008


I just remembered this is one of the few games I'm really looking forward to seeing more of: "Spore". The idea of creating your own organism and guiding it through 20+ levels of evolution is very very appealing. Watching Robin Williams trying it out does not make it any less appealing. :-D

I doubt I'll be too much into the "endgame" bits though, that's all about strategy and warfare/exploration. But you never know, maybe once you've created your character/being and guided it/nurtured it through the evolutionary stages you might passionately want to follow it out in space (end level, space exploration).

The game serves up a totally different experience depending on what you do, how you evolve your character. The character's evolution depends on what you make it eat, where you go, how you interact with other beings. Your "world" will also be filled with the creations of other players, so the different servers (or single player with imported characters?) will really be quite different.

Spore demo on YouTube.


The other night, against better knowledge and induced by a long running film-abstinence we decided we could handle watching a movie. We ended up watching "Cloverfield" (imdb link) at 2 in the morning (school night).
It's a brilliant action/horror film and it kept us wide awake despite being preceded by a few sleepless nights. It's the first time I have wholeheartedly enjoyed a movie recorded with the now quite common "hand held camera shake" technique. That very effect made the whole difference throughout and they managed to stay on the right side of "too much", it never got so much that I started to think about the filming technique rather than the story.

Well played, not that it really required high octane acting skills, but neither of the characters annoyed or stuck out as 'bad'. It was a collection of nice new faces (to me at least).
[SPOILER] The only thing distracting me towards the end of the film was the design of the thing that happened upon New York, the monster looked like someone running wild on Spore and forgetting about gravity etc... :-D

More about Spore.

Friday, 30 May 2008

The apple tree is gone

Our neighbor took down his apple tree today, wee! :-) That means we have to build a new fence. That old apple tree has slowly been pushing the old fence over to our side making it so skewed that we found it would be impossible to build a new terrace without straightening it up (e.g. replacing it with a new one). Fortunately our neighbor wants a new fence more than he wanted to keep his apple tree, so there was no argument about taking it down. :-)

So the ball is rolling now. S has measured up and worked out what's needed to make a new fence and placed an order with a local sawmill. The timber will arrive chopped up and ready to be put together sometime next week. Then it's time for the new terrace... :-)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

First day of Age of Conan

I will give it three months. If it still feels like a bugged out rough edged flawed version of Oblivion by then I won't give Funcom any more of my money (499 SEK to purchase Collector's Ed and 15 EUR/month subscription).
But it's early days. There are undoubtedly lots of defects still to be fixed and unbalanced environment/race/profession/quests to fix (like for instance the low level volcano quests! I stopped counting the times I died after the first twenty times or so...). The whole game might also leave a completely different impression once you get past the low level quests.

So I'll give it a few more hours and wait for higher level quests, game-feel (my own) and eventual bug fixes.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Fool's gold

T and I watched the film "Fool's gold" today (imdb link). It was rather glittery (in many ways) and even with occasional breakouts in crying (T) and playing (me with T) it was worthwhile watching. Especially since both of the two leading actors (Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey) are such incredibly good looking people. :-)
Add to that some quite nice diving/underwater action, nice surroundings (a Caribbean island) and lots of good people in supporting acts and you're left with a warm and fuzzy feeling from watching it. :-)

Friday, 25 April 2008

Season's premiere

We had our first dinner on the terrace tonight. Yay! :-)
S even brought out the pillows for the chairs so we were sitting comfortably in the evening sun. I had to put on a jumper (over t-shirt and jeans) but that's pretty much what I had to do all through last summer so the temperature's not too bad. :-)

T was sleeping in his pushchair, it feels good to have him sleeping outdoors in the fresh air.

This weekend we'll put some oil on the outdoor furniture and see if we can rent a device to clean the decking. Spring is here. :-)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sense of clothing

At some point in time I decided that I wouldn't criticize other people's clothing, at least not to other people. Or at least not to people outside my closest family sphere. Um. Anyway, this is not exactly critique, more a tired comment from a lady growing older by the minute...
Last Saturday I watched a young woman wearing my definition of 'bad choice of clothes' and it made me hope that someone will tell me when I put on something like that. She was a little chubby. She had rather large thighs, which was highlighted by the fact that she was wearing a very short skirt with skin coloured tights and black 'overknee' boots (boots like that were called "CFM boots" in Australia, and believe me it's not a good name or look for that matter). She was also waddling along, rubbing knees together and her feet were following along in a slightly whisking motion, it did not help the look.
I can't help but wonder what she was thinking, did she feel good wearing those clothes? If that's the case - good for her! But gosh, I hope someone would stop me if I ever left the house like that.

On Tuesday I saw another "look" which made me stop in my tracks: A girl, wearing a skirt that was so short I actually saw her undies. WHAT? That's not right? Why on EARTH would you wear something like that? Why not just put on 'hotpants' instead, or why not just skip the skirt all together and go out in your underwear? Mind you I didn't have to look hard to see her undies, they were clearly visible and just there. *sigh* Humanity. The things we do.

I'm old.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

OhmygodwhathaveIdone... I just booked the collector's edition of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. It will automatically give me a ride like the one on the image above. HOW COOL IS THAT?! :-)

Monday, 21 April 2008

Modern alchemy

Paraffinum liquidum
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethicone
Ethylhexyl pelargonate
Neopentyl glycol diethylhexanoate
C12-15 alkyl benzoate
Myristyl myristate
Sucrose distearate
PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil
Oleyl oleate
Camellia sinensis
Anthemis nobilis
Cucumis sativus
Camellia oleifera
Hibiscus rosasinensis
Malva sylvestris
Echinacea purpurea
Solanum lycopersicum
Sucrose stearate
Propylene glycol
Butylene glycol
Disodium EDTA
Magnesium aluminum silicate
Myristyl laurate
Diazolidinyl urea
Copernicia cerifera
C9-15 alkyl phosphate
Lauramine oxide
Thermus thermophillus ferment
Ethyl linoleate
Ethyl linolenate
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Tertradibutyl pentaerithrityl hydroxyhydrocinnamate
CI 17200
CI 73360
CI 77007
CI 77891
CI 15850
CI 14700

With a possible misspelling or two, that's the contents of the "all natural ingredients" Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser.

Doesn't this seem like a concoction you'd like to have on your face? :-D

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Release party outfit

Tee design front: "We will Capture you".

Tee design back: "We are the FORMS. Resistance is futile."

The front is inspired by the "new" company I work for. Starting from January 1 this year we have divided the company into "solution labs", my lab is called "Capture". The back of the t-shirt is inspired by the fact that I'm forever stuck with the old product (FORMS), being one of the few that still knows it back to front. And then a flirt with Star Trek, the BORG.
The tee and the design was selected and put together using the (much fun!) design tool at

This is what I wore for the release party at work the other day. It was a costume-party with the theme "future". :-) Sadly there weren't a lot of dress up going on, most people had "forgotten" to put something special on. But there were a few bright spots, one that was either "a retiree" (or on summer vacation), another was wearing a tin foil hat (because the ozone layer will be too thin to go outside with a bare head) but despite the meager outcome on costumes it was a nice event. I got to have a glass of wine (OOOOOOH it was nice!!), a chat with long lost colleagues and more than a few laughs.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Release party

Despite the poor language used in the invite I'm quite looking forward to tonight's party at work. Apart from the fact that people usually don't hold back when it comes to costumes it's been such a long time since I did something outside home not involving Tobias (and S) so it's quite a novel feeling. :-)

Must start to get ready.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

And all I have to say...


It doesn't HAVE to be that hard. This whole growing up business... ;-)

Being an adult

Being an adult, acting like a grown-up is awfully hard. Especially when you're not feeling well. That's my conclusion for the day. I wanted to be pitied, pampered and cared for. I didn't want to be strong and a good mother. But yet that's what I have to be.

I now totally understand what my sister has been going through for the past three years. To me it's going to be a painful process, this whole growing up business... *sigh*

:-D I'm still in a good mood and this song is still spinning around on constant replay in my head (including the pictures!).

Hiding M'n'M's in a lamb...

:-D I do love him. S that is (I love Tobias too, of course).

And I do feel better today, still no voice though.

Complicated communication issues

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that I haven't had a voice in four days now? Because last night I was in a totally foul mood but as I had absolutely no way to express my feelings I fell asleep instead.

I was cross because I felt that S had left me all on my own with baby and a raging cold (and I mean a RAGING cold). He had so many important things to do at work. It's not fair to be cross with S, I know. But I spent two entire days just barely staying on my feet, crying and doing nothing else but feed our son and change his diaper when it needed changing. Tobias and I was sitting in front of the TV as zombies (he was a very restless little zombie I was a more near-death zombie). It was a horrible feeling, blech! I felt very lonely as all I wanted to do was curl up and die, but that's not really an option when you have a babe to care for.

So last night I really wanted to have a go at S for EVERYTHING. Naturally that wouldn't have been particularly creative, no. I mean, it's not his fault I'm having a cold. It's not his fault I am so lousy at expressing my needs either. Right.

So I think the conclusion is that for now, it's a blessing that I actually can't speak when I first feel the urge to say something. Wonder if I can bring this knowledge with me past the point of recovery?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Tom Ka Gai therapy

Not until after some therapy with a rounded and mildly spiced Tom Ka Gai soup have I regained a fragment of a voice. Extraordinary. Still tired though, so I think I'll have a nap now.

Still voiceless

Can breathe better now, after an anti-histamine tablet and some cortisone nose spray. Can swallow too. It feels more like a table knife cutting through my throat when I do, than the handful of really sharp knifes it felt like this morn.
But I still have no voice.

It's interesting, I notice S have started to talk for both of us suddenly. Tobias gave me a rather curious look when I was hissing something at him earlier (mommy's making funny new sounds).

I'm tired.



My throat hurts this morning. It was pretty bad yesterday, but this morning I've had a couple of instances where the inability to breathe and swallow has had me wondering if I should have to call 112.

:-( I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it!

I've had a Vicks Blue, could barely swallow the melting result of it. I've had a shower, it didn't help. I'm trying to have a cup of tea, fingers crossed it will help ease the pain. :' (
I'm trying to stay calm and not move around so I have to take deep breaths (because it won't work). My entire head hurts and I'm tired but I don't dare to lie down. :'(

I really hope our son doesn't inherit this particular dysfunction from me. It's much better to inherit his dad's way of dealing with a sore throat (caughing).

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Visualised lyrics, for the language challenged

Nightwish have (thankfully) replaced their former lead singer. The new lady (Swedish Anette Olzon) is singing "Amaranth" beautifully, albeit not in crystal clear English which left room for someone to create this:

YouTube: Nightwish - Amaranth (misheard lyrics edition)

Absolutely brilliant! :-D

After watching this clip it's almost impossible to remember/discern what the lyrics _really_ should be...

Nina Frisk

I watched "Nina Frisk" (imdb link) the other day. I have had it stacked up in the queue to be watched for at least a few months now and I finally got around to watch it.
I liked it but it could've had a better ending. I am probably damaged after having watched too many Hollywood productions but I really missed "closure" or at least a hint of a resolution for the future for the film's main character.
I enjoyed the rather disturbed relationships portrayed (very Swedish) but I found Nina's mother a little bit over the top. In a way it's almost sad that so many Swedish films typically contains a number of characters on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Maybe it's mirroring our society, maybe it's a reflection of the writer/film maker's own reality?
The only really normal/sane character in this film would be Nina's male (gay) colleague and possibly the brother's wife. Then again, what is normal?

So even if it left me wanting a better ending, it provoked a few thoughts. :-)
A sequel would be welcome.

And I refuse to compare this film with "Masdjävlar", it wouldn't be fair.

Walk Hard

"Walk Hard - the Dewey Cox story" (imdb link) is a parody of "Walk the Line" and other similar biographic films. And a good one to that. :-) S is totally hooked on the soundtrack and considering he's not at all into Country music I'd say that's a feat... :-D I wouldn't go as far as that (and I like Country music), but it was a good comedy/parody where they dodged no bullets and still managed to make it entertaining. I generally don't like parodies which go over the top (like the "Scary Movie" films) however this one is better than that.

I will not watch it again though.

Sneezing panda

Jeez how I laughed (on the inside, since I have no voice today) when I watched this one. Mostly at mother-panda's reaction. :-D

Monday, 31 March 2008

The world's best waffles

We made waffles tonight. Actually a bit too late for dinner now that we set the time an hour ahead for daylight saving (is it on, or off now??). But we felt like waffles, so waffles it was. :-)

We've had some problems with our waffle iron, as anything we pour into it turns out soggy. But tonight we decided that since it was purchased in Norway we must give it a chance to bake some Norwegian waffles.

Out we went on the internet, to find a suitable candidate for our recipe. It wasn't difficult - I mean who can resist something which claims to be the "world's best recipe for waffles"? :-D

4 egg
400 g sugar
1 kg wheat flour
1 liter whole milk
1 ts natron (hjorthornssalt in Swedish, god knows what in English?)
1 ts vanilla powder
2 ts baking powder
3 dl sour cream
250 g butter/margarine

Start by mixing egg+sugar thoroughly. Then add natron, vanilla powder and baking powder to some of the flour. Now stir in flour and milk in the egg/sugar mix. Melt the butter and pour it into the mix. Let the mixture set for at least an hour.
Add the sour cream right before baking the waffles.

This recipe makes 30-35 delicious waffles.
Serve with sour creme and jam or butter and brown cheese (S prefers the latter).

In Norwegian:

Verdens beste vaffeloppskrift!!!
4 egg
400 g sukker

1 kg hvetemel

1 liter h-melk
1 ts natron

1 ts vaniljesukker

2 ts bakepulver
3 dl seterrømme

250 g smør/margarin

Først blander du egg+sukker godt. Deretter blander du natron, vanlijesukker og bakepulver sammen med en del av melet. Bytt på å ha oppi mel og melk. Smelt smør/margarin og hell dette i røra. La røra stå og godgjøre seg minimum en time.
Bland ut rømmen rett før du begynner å steke.

Du får 30-35 lekre vafler med denne oppskriften.
Serveres helst med rømme og syltetøy.

NOTE! We halved this mix and got plenty of waffles. Actually we got way too many, so I'll be having some for lunch tomorrow, and for dinner... :-D
We also used "minimjölk" with only 0.1% fat and it worked well.

But we can't do anything but agree with the "publisher" of this recipe. The waffles were absolutely delicious! I added finely shredded carrots to the mixture for the last waffle and that one tasted a little bit sweeter (if that's possible). If we make these waffles again I will put carrots in more of the mixture.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Fury of the Sunwell, patch 2.4

It's here, it's released - patch 2.4 of World of Warcraft. :-) Yay!
I happened to read a little about it just recently and was amazed by what Blizzard are adding in this patch. A whole new island and a lot of new quests. It made me want to continue to level up Teéhe again, rather than playing the new character I rolled on the new server. Need to get me one of those fancy flying mounts. :-)

Oh, and I should really be in bed.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Big Fish

"Big Fish" (imdb link), a film not about fishing. :-)

A sweet story, a fairy tale of a kind. According to imdb a film with the tagline "An adventure as big as life itself". I like the style, the fact that you never know if the stories it's comprised of is meant to be "true" and in the end at least I didn't care if they were. :-)

We watched it in two sittings, it deserves to be watched in one. And it deserves to be watched.

Sony Picture's website for the movie: