Thursday, 17 April 2008

Release party outfit

Tee design front: "We will Capture you".

Tee design back: "We are the FORMS. Resistance is futile."

The front is inspired by the "new" company I work for. Starting from January 1 this year we have divided the company into "solution labs", my lab is called "Capture". The back of the t-shirt is inspired by the fact that I'm forever stuck with the old product (FORMS), being one of the few that still knows it back to front. And then a flirt with Star Trek, the BORG.
The tee and the design was selected and put together using the (much fun!) design tool at

This is what I wore for the release party at work the other day. It was a costume-party with the theme "future". :-) Sadly there weren't a lot of dress up going on, most people had "forgotten" to put something special on. But there were a few bright spots, one that was either "a retiree" (or on summer vacation), another was wearing a tin foil hat (because the ozone layer will be too thin to go outside with a bare head) but despite the meager outcome on costumes it was a nice event. I got to have a glass of wine (OOOOOOH it was nice!!), a chat with long lost colleagues and more than a few laughs.

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