Sunday, 10 August 2008

New alt

Last week I rolled a new alt, on the European server "Outland". Joining the guild "Wolf Claw" which is headed by (amongst other) 'Humlan', my best friend Mrs Humlan's husband. :-) He's been nagging me to play on his server a long time now, but it's difficult to switch just like that when all my time invested in this game is spent on mainly the same server (Dragonblight). Unfortunately Dragonblight is PvE (player versus environment) and Outland is PvP (player versus player) so I can't migrate/move any characters from Dragonblight to Outland. It is a pity, since almost everyone I know (in game) has left Dragonblight.

What finally convinced me to roll a new character on Humlan's server was the fact that Humlan's wife FINALLY FINALLY started playing Warcraft!!!! FINALLY! :-D :-D :-D She is so much fun and even though we haven't played much together yet I can't wait until I've leveled up so we can. She's rolled a tauren hunter, I rolled an orch hunter so we'll be a strong four man band once we get together. :-) It'll be so much fun! Just hope she doesn't get sidetracked back into Oblivion again... :-D

Yours truly,