Tuesday, 26 August 2014


OK GO, OK... I don't always like their music, but their music videos are awesome! :-)
Just recently found this one:

"The Writing's On The Wall"

Then tonight I stumbled over this one:

"End Love"

But the one that got me hooked once will always be "the best" I reckon, you judge for yourself:

"Here It Goes Again"

The Ice Hotel (in Jukkasjärvi) always doing it right

The Tron room!

Naturally I'd like to find a room like this were I ever to stay at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi! A Tron themed room... :-D
However I can't seem to find this photo in their archives (e.g. photos of rooms from past seasons) so it's possible this room isn't actually real. But hey, it's nice anyway! :-)


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Minecraft animations - SLAMACOW

My god, I don't even play the game any longer (hardly ever did, but I did at least have a go) but I could watch these videos all day! :-D

SLAMACOW's YouTube playlist.

Real fun.
Kid friendly.
Real nicely done.
But most of all, fun.

I was introduced the best possible way - oldest son passionately retelling one of the stories with intricate detail then we googled it together and found the first one:

Enjoyed it and looked at another:


(this one my son spent some time explaining the context for, it was interesting)

I could link the post full, but please just go to SLAMACOW's Minecraft videos on the tube and - Enjoy!