Friday, 30 October 2009


I realise I miss a few functional commands from Aion in WoW, not bad Aion, not bad. :-) The most missed was one of the ones I had the hardest time to learn to use - right-click to auto-walk to mobs and items. But other than that WoW now feels just like it does when you come home from work and pull on the comfy baggy soft attire mostly worn out of public view ("mjukisar"). :-D It feels good.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

End of Aion

Ding level 10. Tested flying. Enjoyed the interface. Enjoyed the combat. Got tired of the music. Still don't stand the look of robes in the game. My free gaming time should be just about to expire.

My conclusion: Easy to play (easier than Oblivion, for sure). But too expensive to subscribe to, or rather, not good enough to spend the monthly money on.

I like my character, I will miss her freckled green-haired energy. :-D

Friday, 9 October 2009


Nippertippa, scout, main char (tiny)
Aion came. And we waited. And waited. And waited... my gosh, servers are totally swamped and it is no use trying to log on during the afternoon or early evening. Thankfully my "free" time starts after 23:00 so the waiting time isn't too bad then. I created three characters, mostly for fun, the character creation features are great!

Glomsk, priest (tall and chunky, just like a priest should be, right?)

However the actual game questing and combat is, well, so-so. It doesn't quite cut it to Warcraft standards. But I'll give it that - it could well be 'the new warcraft' to me, if I could only give it the time it needs. It's "pretty" (although, MY GOD why couldn't they animate the robes so that they look at least somewhat real??) and the combat is easy and graphically appealing. The sounds aren't too annoying, the voices ok, the music is good. The quests are reasonably easy to pursue, guiding you into and onto gradually more difficult areas and mobs as you progress your levelling (unlike Oblivion, where you can easily stumble onto an end-game instance-like mob with your newborn character...). The function-keys and menus are semi-logical although for my Warcraft-demented brain my muscle-memory makes me return to the old familiar shortcuts over and over again, to no avail... X-) Some of the built-in features, like maps and navigation and aid to find npc's are stuff that I'd really like to have in Warcraft too.

Teehe, warrior (slender and cute, like a warrior) ;-)

I had lots of fun creating the characters. But will I ever again invest the hours required to get to the point of comfort I am with Warcraft? I doubt it... :-] Tough luck Aion.

What happened to Warcraft?



I haven't had time to look into it but I suspect I used my old credit card to pay for the subscription and now it's no longer valid, ergo, my Warcraft account is temporarily unavailable. I feel a horrible void growing inside, despite not having a single minute of gaming time available. X-)


That's what I weigh in on right now. That means I'm truly down to what I weighed before I was registered as pregnant at the local health center (I weighed in on 65 then). :-)
Will not specifically aim to loose any more weight, but I will be happy if I could get down closer towards 60 kg next year. Can't really diet as I am constantly hungry right now, all due to wee David's habit of eating every hour upon the hour (nearly) when he's awake and I need to make sure I stay upright and lactate well . :-D

Thursday, 8 October 2009


S had the opportunity to taste a new brand of chocolates some time ago and came home passionately describing it to me. I have had some issues with dark chocolate since the start of my last pregnancy (you wonder what this will mean for young David in the long run?) so haven't had much chocolate since as the echoes of nausea still lurks at the back of my mind when thinking about having some. Tonight he had bought some and insisted I'd try it.

It's like a serious heavy-weight champion deluxe variant of the old Swedish classic ice cream "romrussin" but with chocolate and wine, not ice cream and rum. Oh, um, that's a poor comparison now isn't it? It is someway also not too far from another old Swedish classic "Skotte" (soft, rich dark chocolate, raisins, crunch...). But that's the first impression and I happen to love the ol' romrussin ice cream and the "old ladies chocolate" Skotte... :-D
Anyway, they make this chocolate using a special technique where they infuse raisins with wine (Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Merlot) and cover them with chocolate (38% in this case). It is absolutely looovely.
Try it out!