Friday, 9 October 2009


Nippertippa, scout, main char (tiny)
Aion came. And we waited. And waited. And waited... my gosh, servers are totally swamped and it is no use trying to log on during the afternoon or early evening. Thankfully my "free" time starts after 23:00 so the waiting time isn't too bad then. I created three characters, mostly for fun, the character creation features are great!

Glomsk, priest (tall and chunky, just like a priest should be, right?)

However the actual game questing and combat is, well, so-so. It doesn't quite cut it to Warcraft standards. But I'll give it that - it could well be 'the new warcraft' to me, if I could only give it the time it needs. It's "pretty" (although, MY GOD why couldn't they animate the robes so that they look at least somewhat real??) and the combat is easy and graphically appealing. The sounds aren't too annoying, the voices ok, the music is good. The quests are reasonably easy to pursue, guiding you into and onto gradually more difficult areas and mobs as you progress your levelling (unlike Oblivion, where you can easily stumble onto an end-game instance-like mob with your newborn character...). The function-keys and menus are semi-logical although for my Warcraft-demented brain my muscle-memory makes me return to the old familiar shortcuts over and over again, to no avail... X-) Some of the built-in features, like maps and navigation and aid to find npc's are stuff that I'd really like to have in Warcraft too.

Teehe, warrior (slender and cute, like a warrior) ;-)

I had lots of fun creating the characters. But will I ever again invest the hours required to get to the point of comfort I am with Warcraft? I doubt it... :-] Tough luck Aion.

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