Monday, 31 March 2008

The world's best waffles

We made waffles tonight. Actually a bit too late for dinner now that we set the time an hour ahead for daylight saving (is it on, or off now??). But we felt like waffles, so waffles it was. :-)

We've had some problems with our waffle iron, as anything we pour into it turns out soggy. But tonight we decided that since it was purchased in Norway we must give it a chance to bake some Norwegian waffles.

Out we went on the internet, to find a suitable candidate for our recipe. It wasn't difficult - I mean who can resist something which claims to be the "world's best recipe for waffles"? :-D

4 egg
400 g sugar
1 kg wheat flour
1 liter whole milk
1 ts natron (hjorthornssalt in Swedish, god knows what in English?)
1 ts vanilla powder
2 ts baking powder
3 dl sour cream
250 g butter/margarine

Start by mixing egg+sugar thoroughly. Then add natron, vanilla powder and baking powder to some of the flour. Now stir in flour and milk in the egg/sugar mix. Melt the butter and pour it into the mix. Let the mixture set for at least an hour.
Add the sour cream right before baking the waffles.

This recipe makes 30-35 delicious waffles.
Serve with sour creme and jam or butter and brown cheese (S prefers the latter).

In Norwegian:

Verdens beste vaffeloppskrift!!!
4 egg
400 g sukker

1 kg hvetemel

1 liter h-melk
1 ts natron

1 ts vaniljesukker

2 ts bakepulver
3 dl seterrømme

250 g smør/margarin

Først blander du egg+sukker godt. Deretter blander du natron, vanlijesukker og bakepulver sammen med en del av melet. Bytt på å ha oppi mel og melk. Smelt smør/margarin og hell dette i røra. La røra stå og godgjøre seg minimum en time.
Bland ut rømmen rett før du begynner å steke.

Du får 30-35 lekre vafler med denne oppskriften.
Serveres helst med rømme og syltetøy.

NOTE! We halved this mix and got plenty of waffles. Actually we got way too many, so I'll be having some for lunch tomorrow, and for dinner... :-D
We also used "minimjölk" with only 0.1% fat and it worked well.

But we can't do anything but agree with the "publisher" of this recipe. The waffles were absolutely delicious! I added finely shredded carrots to the mixture for the last waffle and that one tasted a little bit sweeter (if that's possible). If we make these waffles again I will put carrots in more of the mixture.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Fury of the Sunwell, patch 2.4

It's here, it's released - patch 2.4 of World of Warcraft. :-) Yay!
I happened to read a little about it just recently and was amazed by what Blizzard are adding in this patch. A whole new island and a lot of new quests. It made me want to continue to level up Teéhe again, rather than playing the new character I rolled on the new server. Need to get me one of those fancy flying mounts. :-)

Oh, and I should really be in bed.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Big Fish

"Big Fish" (imdb link), a film not about fishing. :-)

A sweet story, a fairy tale of a kind. According to imdb a film with the tagline "An adventure as big as life itself". I like the style, the fact that you never know if the stories it's comprised of is meant to be "true" and in the end at least I didn't care if they were. :-)

We watched it in two sittings, it deserves to be watched in one. And it deserves to be watched.

Sony Picture's website for the movie:


I accidentally watched a film called "Bridget" (imdb link) this afternoon (Tobias was sleeping in my lap). It is said to be about "a desperate young woman who is struggling to get her son back from foster care". But in reality it is a desperate old man's (the director that is) attempt to make an artsy film with his favorite actress where he gets to film as much naked skin as possible without getting it resulting film labeled as porn. *sigh* I could've bought the concept hadn't it been for the fact that I was informed the story was about a 'young woman'. The leading actress was 48 when she portrayed this young woman. I didn't mind the relationship between her and the slightly retarded son of an author she was marrying to get the money needed to buy back her own child, it was in reality the only thing which kept me watching most of the movie. However there were too many scenes which didn't make sense and the story wasn't very tight.

So with the sketchy acting and the nakedness which made it a sordid affair all in all I can not recommend this movie to anyone.

Tonight we will watch the rest of "Big Fish" (imdb link) a much more pleasant acquaintance we made last night (had to break to put Tobias to bed).


These must be the bestest candy to ever come out of Norway... :-D

S' mum thankfully brought a couple of bags of Norwegian candy with her when she came to see us this cold Easter weekend (if she hadn't we wouldn't have had anything to give to the two small easter witches which came knocking on our door). :-) Anyway, my all time Norwegian favorite candy must be these - Laban seigmenn and seig ladies and other varieties which make it out of that factory (that is "jellymen", "jelly ladies" and more).

Arrgh! Now that I surfed the net to find Nidar's website I realise the bestest Norwegian candy is Troika and no other... X-) (how could I forget?) Three layers - dark chocolate truffels, cherry jelly and marzipan covered in dark cocolate, yum! :-)
Perhaps I can have categories of favorites? Jelly candy being one and chocolate candy being another?

Med sine tre lag av trøffel, marsipan og gelé, er sjokoladen Troika en typisk nytelsessjokolade. Denne godbiten spises gjerne fra dypet av sofaen, på mange forskjellige måter.

Troika sjokolade med marsipan, trøffel og gelé.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

That's why he's the one

It's the little things he does. Like the plate of sandwiches he prepared for my breakfast the other day (above). And the heart he had created with a red wool blanket on our bed when I had been away for a while (below).

It's the little things and the big things he does. It's because he is the man he is that I love him. :-)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Robin Thicke - and World of Warcraft

He he, just found a perfect soundtrack to play Warcraft to at this ungodly hour Robin Thicke's "The Evolution of Robin Thicke". My sister tipped me off on this young man quite some time ago and I promptly went out and got it but I never got around to actually listen to it. :-) Now I'm happy I picked it for tonight's random playlist. :-) Easy on the ear and a mood-pick-me-up. :-)

Now back to hunting Rot Hides for their Rot Hide Ichor on Fenris Isle, one more to go then it's time to hit the sack. :-)


On an impulse I added rollers to my hair when we came back from today's visit to the pool (baby swimming lesson) and by the time it was time to go to the evening's birthday party I had lots of manageable curls in my hair. :-D

Despite the somewhat "American housewife" style of styling (according to S) it's the first time in a long long while I have left my hair hanging loose and liking it. :-) Have to save some money for a perm later this year. :-)

Monday, 10 March 2008

Films I'd like to watch right now

As I don't seem to find it in me to sit down and watch a movie instead of playing computer games I thought I'd list a few of the ones I really feel like watching here...

Juno - imdb link (just seems like such a feel-good movie!) "A comedy about growing up... and the bumps along the way".

No country for old men - imdb link "There Are No Clean Getaways"

Drillbit Taylor - imdb link "You get what you pay for"

There is naturally a list as long as my arm with other films I really want to watch, but these just caught my attention (on the internet) tonight. :-)

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Our son's first iRC chat message

"hb ghhmmmmmmm mgfffffffffffffffffffffffffff vz "

I am so proud. :-)


It's official. I am lost. If I ever was boring at parties it's now gone from bad to worse.
I'm officially "mommified" - I can not talk about anything else but babies and baby related subjects. Oh help me. :-o

I was sitting next to a very nice girl at the party yesterday, I have met her several times before and know her a little. But I still weren't able to talk about anything else but babies. Every time I tried to think of something to ask her about her work or anything my mind went totally blank. A very unpleasant experience in all. I hope it's not permanent!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The car made it, again.

The car made it through the annual checkup again, without comments. Yay! :-))) The inspector handed me the keys with a smile and promised there were no serious issues to report. He didn't quite rage about the quality of it, as last year's inspector did, but hey, I'll settle for a smile.
Our good ol' Volvo keeps rolling, thankfully without any expensive problems (never mind the indicator lamp which turned itself off a few months back). 8-) Touch wood it will keep rolling another year.


In a sudden burst of efficiency this morning I cleared up most of the pile of papers that has been gathering on my desk since we came home from the maternity ward with Tobias. :-) Yay!
The pile still exists, but now it's more up to date and contains only a notepad, papers, receipts and bills to be dealt with this month. :-)
I found lots of interesting stuff there, much to do with being pregnant and having a baby but also a few "very important" work papers. Huh... what? I can't remember a fragment of what made them so important that I decided to bring them home... 8-)
It'll be interesting to switch on that part of my brain come August later this year. :-)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Never trust a Norwegian with a sandwich

I left S in the lounge for approximately 30 seconds while preparing a cup of tea and bringing it back with me. Look what happened! Norwegians are infamous for their sandwich eating habits - anytime is a good time for a sandwich in that country - which makes it dangerous to leave an innocent sandwich alone with one of them... X-D

Sunday, 2 March 2008


I must say something about the fact that good ol' Tetris has made its way back into my life again. :-D Last time I was seriously hooked was when I hung out at, but I got tired of that site round about the same time as I started playing Warcraft in 2004. The spogglings charge money for membership but it's still a rather neat site full of clever and fun games, run by a group of talented people in Uppsala. The last time before then that I played Tetris was back at school around 1990-91, where the class had tournaments of a sort, to the point where we dreamt about tetris shapes.

But Tetris remains my all time favorite computer game. :-) So I was rather pleased when S linked me in to a game on It's free, easy and it's fun. :-) They've gone and invented a new version of Tetris (they always do!) but I prefer the "vanilla" version (thankfully also available), with blocks, drops and no tricks. :-) I don't like the site as such, it seems somewhat like a pubertal dating-type site. But it's easy to access the games and you don't really have to get too involved in the other stuff if you don't want to.

So go try it out, at least once. ;-)

More about Tetris:

Ding 66!

We got some play-time after the rellies left us. Tobias was at his best behavior and even enjoyed a bit of the game quietly talking to himself in my lap. :-)

Farbror & Company (II)

I was wrong. S remembered I had "moose entrecote" for dinner. So I have to take back some of the critic for the fillet I thought I was eating. :-) Entrecote should be better though. But if it's from a moose, I don't know. So that ups the score of that meal somewhat.

But not enough to make me want to return for another meal in the near future.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Farbror & Company

S and I had "a night off" last night, when S sister looked after Tobias to let us get out and do something together the two of us. We decided to have a meal at one of the restaurants 'in the hood' because getting into town would take too much time and it's nice to be close to home just in case. 8-)

There is a selection of roughly 7-8 restaurants in our neighborhood and we picked "Farbror & Company" ( Newly renovated and reopened last summer. Unfortunately the food leaves the same impression as the website and the rest of the restaurant. It looks good but "I wouldn't bring it home to meet mum" (to qote BBC Food's Master Chef show host). Question is if I really would like to date it at all? No. No I wouldn't.
What they claim is moose fillet can't possibly be the fillet cut of moose. It was too coarse and sinewy for that (I had to leave a couple of chunks because I couldn't chew through it, could barely cut through it). The butter dough potato package, the sauce and the condiment of berries was rather nice though, so I enjoyed filling up on them. The starter was nice (but it made me suspect it came out of a jar) and the chocolate we had for dessert was a bit too hard and was possibly not fresh.
The service was OK, the girl did nothing to enhance our experience of the place but I suppose it's not easy when a big dining room like that is empty bar us two and a group of three other diners.

So we're not going back there again.