Saturday, 1 March 2008

Farbror & Company

S and I had "a night off" last night, when S sister looked after Tobias to let us get out and do something together the two of us. We decided to have a meal at one of the restaurants 'in the hood' because getting into town would take too much time and it's nice to be close to home just in case. 8-)

There is a selection of roughly 7-8 restaurants in our neighborhood and we picked "Farbror & Company" ( Newly renovated and reopened last summer. Unfortunately the food leaves the same impression as the website and the rest of the restaurant. It looks good but "I wouldn't bring it home to meet mum" (to qote BBC Food's Master Chef show host). Question is if I really would like to date it at all? No. No I wouldn't.
What they claim is moose fillet can't possibly be the fillet cut of moose. It was too coarse and sinewy for that (I had to leave a couple of chunks because I couldn't chew through it, could barely cut through it). The butter dough potato package, the sauce and the condiment of berries was rather nice though, so I enjoyed filling up on them. The starter was nice (but it made me suspect it came out of a jar) and the chocolate we had for dessert was a bit too hard and was possibly not fresh.
The service was OK, the girl did nothing to enhance our experience of the place but I suppose it's not easy when a big dining room like that is empty bar us two and a group of three other diners.

So we're not going back there again.

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