Sunday, 2 March 2008


I must say something about the fact that good ol' Tetris has made its way back into my life again. :-D Last time I was seriously hooked was when I hung out at, but I got tired of that site round about the same time as I started playing Warcraft in 2004. The spogglings charge money for membership but it's still a rather neat site full of clever and fun games, run by a group of talented people in Uppsala. The last time before then that I played Tetris was back at school around 1990-91, where the class had tournaments of a sort, to the point where we dreamt about tetris shapes.

But Tetris remains my all time favorite computer game. :-) So I was rather pleased when S linked me in to a game on It's free, easy and it's fun. :-) They've gone and invented a new version of Tetris (they always do!) but I prefer the "vanilla" version (thankfully also available), with blocks, drops and no tricks. :-) I don't like the site as such, it seems somewhat like a pubertal dating-type site. But it's easy to access the games and you don't really have to get too involved in the other stuff if you don't want to.

So go try it out, at least once. ;-)

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