Monday, 24 March 2008


These must be the bestest candy to ever come out of Norway... :-D

S' mum thankfully brought a couple of bags of Norwegian candy with her when she came to see us this cold Easter weekend (if she hadn't we wouldn't have had anything to give to the two small easter witches which came knocking on our door). :-) Anyway, my all time Norwegian favorite candy must be these - Laban seigmenn and seig ladies and other varieties which make it out of that factory (that is "jellymen", "jelly ladies" and more).

Arrgh! Now that I surfed the net to find Nidar's website I realise the bestest Norwegian candy is Troika and no other... X-) (how could I forget?) Three layers - dark chocolate truffels, cherry jelly and marzipan covered in dark cocolate, yum! :-)
Perhaps I can have categories of favorites? Jelly candy being one and chocolate candy being another?

Med sine tre lag av trøffel, marsipan og gelé, er sjokoladen Troika en typisk nytelsessjokolade. Denne godbiten spises gjerne fra dypet av sofaen, på mange forskjellige måter.

Troika sjokolade med marsipan, trøffel og gelé.

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