Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oh, another good one

Rim filled with A-list actors, a fairy tale story, very intricate language - what's there not to like? :-)

Will keep an eye out for this one - Moonrise Kingdom:

Imdb link:
Thanks to Jo for the tip! :-)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Well hello there

Suddenly felt like playing World of Warcraft again, imagine that. :-) Only just over 21 GB to download in order to play, thankfully the download was ready yesterday - all I needed to do today was revive my subscription.

Somehow Star Wars the Old Republic haven't managed to capture me. Though I have a feeling I will continue to subscribe to it because it has, by far, the coolest soundscape and story line of the two.

Perhaps they'll complete my gaming experience, the two of them? What more do you need? World of Tanks? :-D

TV must-see: Revolution - Lights Out

Ohh, this one I must see... :-)

NBC - YouTube link
DN - Swedish newspaper link