Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fancy car

It's not often I get smitten by a car, there's only been a few through the years. Starting with and remaining the number one - Saab 96 V4.
Saab 96 V4 - the one and only
First car I could afford was a Saab 96 V4 from 1971, it was actually a month older than I was. Then I upgraded to a 1976 model and finally ended up with one from 1968. The older the better! :-)

I remember thinking Hyundai Coupe (somewhere around '00) was a neat car, but that was never serious.
Then I briefly thought about getting a Chrysler PT Cruiser but decided against it when somebody told me it was "old tech" with a fancy cover (AS IF THAT WOULD REALLY MATTER??). Think I got my last new old V4 then, the one that lives in our garage now. 8-)

Chrysler PT Cruiser
Then nothing really caught my attention for a number of years, though I remember casting a glance or two at the Audi TT model however that was never serious. :-D

A few years ago a former colleague got herself a red Volvo C30 and I still think that's a really neat little thing. Wouldn't mind one at all. Only it's a bit small for two soon three kids in car-seats.

Volvo C30
Today I took the boys out for a walk to the local shop and on the way I spotted what might just become my "new" car to evoke that smitten feeling... :-D It looked just as curvy and weird as I require to tickle my design-nerv. :-) Have a look:

Nissan Juke

From the rear.
Come to think of it it's actually kind of easy to spot what makes me like a car or not. Never thought about that before.

Anyways, reality has us contemplating so-called MPV's (e.g. minivan) so neither of the above cars will become more than dreams for a considerable time (yet). 8-)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

So it has begun


I nearly didn't do it - thinking that with the new baby my game-time would dwindle further. But hey, I can't just not do it. I've stuck with it since the beginning, got to keep it around for a bit longer... :-)

New Pandaren char, fresh out of the creation menu.