Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ding 77!

Surprised myself by dinging level 77 with undead priest Glömsk. :-)

To compare with "Total time played: 31 days, 10 hours, 51 minutes, 21 seconds" to level 70 with undead warrior Teéhe... The game has gotten easier and easier for each expansion, not at all implying that it's less good. Only that the game designers at Blizzard have learned what works and what the players like. :-)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

If I kill a spider

If I kill a spider and it's already raining. Will it start to rain more then??

I grew up with the superstition that killing a spider would bring rain later on. So you'd rather catch it and carry it outside than kill it. Unless you wanted rain.

But what if it's already raining?

Heck, it's autumn too, it will make no difference one way or another! :-)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ding 20!

Now it's time to have a bite to eat and then shower, got to spruce up a bit to go pick up the boys at kindergarden. No fever today, voice is almost back to normal (a tad husky and nasal). Work awaits tomorrow.

Ding 19!

Time flies when you're having fun (thank god for that). :-)

Ding 18!

Rolled a new character in December, just after the previous expansion (Cataclysm). Wiwiane is a fearsome goblin warrior and I enjoy the simplicity of play-style the warrior class offers on the early levels. Although, looking at how much time I've spent on this character since it was rolled I can't claim any benefits from earlier experience - it having taken almost as many hours as levels to get here... X-)

But I truly enjoyed the initial storyline where you are introduced to how the goblins chose side and started fighting the good fight together with the rest of the Horde. A lot of action and adventure, many so-called 'world events'. T even played with me during a few more peaceful events (training as a miner, going on collect-quests and exploration tours). He liked the fact that it looked just like "Alcúdia" and wanted to play more. :-D

While I was at it (rolling new characters) I had to try out the new Alliance race as well - a worgen. So I rolled a worgen hunter Rweena and her first pet naturally had to be called Rwarr. You get a lot for free nowadays when rolling new characters. Back in the days you had to level many levels before you could train a pet to hunt with you and you had to level a painful amount of levels to get a mount... :-) The worgen got her pet from the start and don't even need a mount (will just learn the ability to run real fast on her own worgen legs). Mounts are available from level 20 now instead of level 40 like earlier, a lot of running around spared there.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ignorance is NOT bliss

I know the symptoms quite well now, after thirty odd years of menstruation. I know them too well. I know all about the periodic bloating, the gathering of water in tissue making me increase one size in clothes for a few days per month. I know all about the mood swings, the illogical dip in self-esteem and the sudden lack of faith in my own abilities and sense of own value.

I know all about cramps. Pains of all kinds of different flavors from the early dull pain to the full on "kick in the midriff" type in the middle and the soreness towards the end.

I know too much about worrying about stains on my clothes from failing pads and tampons. I know quite well how much more toilet paper is spent on cleaning out veritable bloodbaths in the bathroom that time of the month.

I know enough to accept and compensate for most of these symptoms, I know they're for a good reason. All but one.

Why on earth would my body repeatedly do that to itself?? I am sure if I understodd why it wouldn't annoy me so much, but now I don't and it does. Annoy me a lot.
This particular area of ignorance is certainly not one that brings me any joy.

Would you ever feel at home here?

I found this picture when looking for non-table alternatives for our living room, lounge area. I'm after something soft to put my feet on rather than what we have today, a table we rarely use for anything other than putting our feet on.
I felt so smart and innovative thinking up this idea, but will have to realise I'm not first with this one...

Looking through the photos for this property for sale - would you ever feel at home here?