Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ding 18!

Rolled a new character in December, just after the previous expansion (Cataclysm). Wiwiane is a fearsome goblin warrior and I enjoy the simplicity of play-style the warrior class offers on the early levels. Although, looking at how much time I've spent on this character since it was rolled I can't claim any benefits from earlier experience - it having taken almost as many hours as levels to get here... X-)

But I truly enjoyed the initial storyline where you are introduced to how the goblins chose side and started fighting the good fight together with the rest of the Horde. A lot of action and adventure, many so-called 'world events'. T even played with me during a few more peaceful events (training as a miner, going on collect-quests and exploration tours). He liked the fact that it looked just like "Alc├║dia" and wanted to play more. :-D

While I was at it (rolling new characters) I had to try out the new Alliance race as well - a worgen. So I rolled a worgen hunter Rweena and her first pet naturally had to be called Rwarr. You get a lot for free nowadays when rolling new characters. Back in the days you had to level many levels before you could train a pet to hunt with you and you had to level a painful amount of levels to get a mount... :-) The worgen got her pet from the start and don't even need a mount (will just learn the ability to run real fast on her own worgen legs). Mounts are available from level 20 now instead of level 40 like earlier, a lot of running around spared there.

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