Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Dad does me no favors by sending me Google Earth links to where I used to live in Sydney...
111 Carabella Street, that's where I spent three wonderful years 'living la vida loca' (in many aspects doing just the same as here, only not with children). :-)

Google Earth link:
This shows the front of the building, best mate and neighbor's windows visible (the two rightmost on the top floor).

Google Earth link:
This is where you'll spot a glimpse of my apartment windows facing Careening Cove (the bedroom and so-called sun-room), the red brick building behind the left building at the front (the one you're facing when standing on the street looking up towards "my" street).

A backpacker's and a catholic girl's school are the nearest neighboring buildings, both offering their own special spice to life on Carabella Street... There was quite often parties going on at the backpacker's and my mate had the sometimes quite shocking view of people taking a shower right across his kitchen window... :-D The girl's school was generally quiet apart from on the rare occasion when I was stuck at home in bed with a cold, MY GOD the noise level 200 little girls achieve when they are out in the back yard playing!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ding 71!

Glömsk facing her "inner turmoil" in a quest...

Slowly slowly, but surely...

At this rate I might reach level 80 before the end of next year. I must say it's dead easy playing shadow priest. Almost so much that it's not as much fun any longer. But it feels good to be able to face two-three mobs at the same time without also facing death with certainty... 8-)