Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sockerbit NY - sweet & Swedish

A candy shop selling Swedish sweets will open in Manhattan this weekend. Hah! We might have to, just might have to take a detour past this place too while we're there? :-)
If not I'll just have to settle for a fresh non-exported supply of my favourite Jelly Belly's. :-D

Sockerbit doesn't seem to have spent so much time on their own webpage yet, but I found a few links with references to it:
Resespanarna - Sockerbit (Swedish site)
A Swede in New York (Swedish blog) Sockerbit-laddar-för-Goda-affärer (Swedish newspaper article)
Plockgodis i New York (Swedish blog)

And naturally Sockerbit's own FaceBook page - Sockerbit sweet & swedish