Monday, 14 December 2015

When will I get Отава Ё on Spotify??

I swear, I can not stop listening to this song! :-D
The group Отава Ё (Otava Yo) have a YouTube channel with some more songs, this one is the catchiest but there are a few more fit to go on a playlist. :-)

...and check this out:

Saturday, 21 November 2015

True introvert?

I am alone at home, tasked (by myself) with the task of cleaning the house (the entire thing). Haven't done that for an embarrassing amount of time.

Facing this I naturally procrastinate.
I "småplockar" (pick up and sort loose items off the floor and surfaces) in preparation of the big bang activity of running the hoover around the place and try to pep talk myself into why cleaning the house is not a bad thing.

I actually end up realising this is far from a bad thing.
Because when thinking of "things that could be worse than this" I come up with the following:

  1. Having to go outside - meaning having to wash up and get dressed properly.
  2. Having to go see people - meaning having to act smart, dress smart and be smart.
  3. Having to go to an event/party - meaning having to dress up, fix hair and face and think of matching accessories and god do I bring a bag will I sleep over do I have to bring a change of shoes..? 
The two latter have the aspect of "having to meet and interact with people" assumed. This is not something I do if I have an option to not do it.

All of the above are SO much worse than cleaning the house that I ended up being rather cheerful at the prospect of staying in and cleaning the house today.

Yay me.
Yay introversy.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Half and half


Some time ago I realised I have possibly less years left to live than what I have lived already. Which means I'm at a half way point in life. It's rather fitting, I feel.
I am quite literally at a turning point too.

I am living on my own. Part time with my wonderful, rambunctious, arguing, intelligent, beautiful children. Part time on my own alone. I own my own house (weee!). I have a decent job which magically manages to keep me interested year in and year out (twenty years this year).
I love my body. Not all of the time, not for all of it's quirks, but more and more so as time goes. My body is not perfect, but that's not the point. It's AWESOME, fricken hell the things it has done and the places it has carried me through... :-)

I know I should've done many many things.
Should've. Should have. Schmould have. Never mind. I haven't done them. That's that. Not much I can change about that.
Regret is a wasteful emotion.

Question is, what will I do with the rest of my years? :-)

Saturday, 11 July 2015

This makes me so happy


That smile.

Baby wearing glasses for the first time and for the first time able to see clearly. :-)
The optometrists working with my son have done such a terrific job getting him from half-blind to 100%. They've been patient, kind, supportive and our trips there have most of the time been a blast because we try to make it "we time". :-) Naturally some of the success comes from the fact that I believe my son's reaction to his first glasses (the ones he borrowed from nana!) was something like this and he keeps trooping on wearing his glasses all the time. :-)

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Good ol' times

A conversation at work today reminded me of how I used to spend the summers as a child...

I spent many, many hours with my nose buried in one of the pocket books dad had in his library. There were two categories - horror and sci-fi. :-)

I am pretty sure this is a great part of why I am who I am today! :-)

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Introduced oldest son to WoW. It is good.

Screenshot of when we accepted a transportation quest so precisely the same time that our griffins were merged to a tandem ride. :-D

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Bajs bajs bajs.

...these are the words my 7 year old son would like to share with the world.
Let's hope this will change over time... :-D

Monday, 23 February 2015

Oh, oh!

[Link to Dead Object on YouTube]

I reckon he did a fantastic job, hosting the Oscars. Can't help liking the man. :-) Especially after watching "Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" in its entirety. :-D

I kind of find this one hard to resist too:

[Link to Dead Object on YouTube]

...I just realised there's little point in linking to copyright protected material on YouTube... Well. The first link was the opening act at this year's Oscar's show. Performed by Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick, and Jack Black. Second link was from the same show - a musical number from The Lego Movie which was really awesome.

This is so true!

From the fantastic web-comic Doghouse Diaries (

Monday, 9 February 2015

Oh internet, what wouldn't I know without you??

Well, what do you know? Not that it takes a lot of effort or time to peel an egg with a cooperative shell... But for those times when you have to pick the shell off in minuscular millimeter sized pieces...

I've taken to always peel my kiwis (rather than using a spoon to eat them out of their halves with skin) but this is WAY quicker than peeling with knife or peeler as I normally do!

This looks a little too good to be true but hey, worth trying! :-)

I guess I'm hungry

I guess I'm a little hungry. Or peckish perhaps.
Better to look at this gif than actually going over to the fridge to have a look see, right? 8-)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Just got to love them

Or perhaps it's him you've just got to love? Funny it is either way. Steve Ziegler (?) and his infamous "gnocci-laugh" from the Webstaurant Store.

Heck, you have to watch that old gnocci-video too, it's hilarious! :-D

Friday, 23 January 2015

To pink or not to pink

Photographer JeongMee Yoon took this portrait of her daughter Seo Woo and Her Pink Things in response to feeling Seo Woo's life was being overtaken by pink.
Photo courtesy JeongMee/Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
I have an issue with pink. I haven't been thinking a whole lot about it, it's been more of a fact, something gathered over time - I just don't like the colour pink.

This has changed though. At some point during the pregnancy with my youngest I have suddenly gone from not liking to accepting that it can be a pleasant colour. What? What happened there?

Pink is such an unnecessarily controversial colour! Why is that?

I just read an article where the author Elisabeth Camp looked at that very fact. :-)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

I was

I was going to write something bitter and/or insightful here regarding separation and the process of forcefully moving someone out of my life.

But I played Warcraft instead.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Life, summed up

I read a poem today, on Reddit. The "assignment" (challenge?) given to readers of the thread was to use a ten word sentence followed by a nine word sentence then an eight word.. etc etc. until you reach the final sentence consisting of just the one word.

The best one by far was entered by user "aquifolly":

In the car on the way home from the hospital.
Half your life in half an hour - infant eternities.
On the bus on your way to school.
Your life blurs past outside the window.
On the train, commuting to work.
Days like hours were, once.
Flying to visit grandchildren.
Teenagers born yesterday.
Final car.

I just think it's a thing of beauty. Life summarised in these ten sentences. :-) I am happy I "wasted" that moment on the internet!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Water on Mars

That the potential for a historic presence of water on Mars is high is old news I suppose. But from time to time I still find it fascinating to read about what the Curiosity rover is up to over there. :-)

Just now I was reading a report on drilling for samples of soil in the "Confidence Hills" within the outcrop called Pahrump Hills on its way to Mount Sharp. There were higher concentrations of hematite there than expected. The article offered an interesting read about erosion states compared to expectations of samples from other sites higher up the mountan side where erosion is expected to be less advanced (Hematite Ridge) since it gives out a strong mineral profile when measured/analysed from space.

All of this puts me in awe of the whole business of space exploration.

All of it.

The fact that Curiosity is still there exploring, actively performing tasks and still operational after well over two years (it landed a few months before my youngest was born). AWESOME.

The fact that we are able to scan and make analysis of the surface of a planet from space. AWESOME.

The fact that we will be able to estimate and theorize on the history of a planet not ours based on the data collected by and communicated back to us from Curiosity. AWESOME.

The fact that what I will remember a few days from now from this article - that there is a mountaneous area in the Gale crater called Pahrump Hills... heh, not so awesome, but I couldn't stop saying it aloud to my self once I realised what it was called... X-)

The article: