Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Life, summed up

I read a poem today, on Reddit. The "assignment" (challenge?) given to readers of the thread was to use a ten word sentence followed by a nine word sentence then an eight word.. etc etc. until you reach the final sentence consisting of just the one word.

The best one by far was entered by user "aquifolly":

In the car on the way home from the hospital.
Half your life in half an hour - infant eternities.
On the bus on your way to school.
Your life blurs past outside the window.
On the train, commuting to work.
Days like hours were, once.
Flying to visit grandchildren.
Teenagers born yesterday.
Final car.

I just think it's a thing of beauty. Life summarised in these ten sentences. :-) I am happy I "wasted" that moment on the internet!

1 comment:

Morskan said...

Feels like a very long haiku.

Very, very beautiful. <3