Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ding 73

Oops, less than a month passed since last ding - just under 24 hours played. Very well. It's time for a healthy Easter break now anyway, it'll be good for me no doubt! :-)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ding 72

One month later, Glömsk turned 72. Got to go see if she gets to learn any new fandangled skills now. Adding time played, for the record.


A friend sent me this link and I have to issue a warning to go with it: it's dangerous!
If you let your imagination loose you may never actually feel the need to stop using it! ;-)

Neru'bar sounds

I am easily amused - the Neru'bar skitterers makes a couple of noises which are just hilarious.
On attack: "REGARDE!" (in a very truly sourly French way)

On dying: Sounds just like something the singer of ACDC could muster, just like him screeching away passionately.