Saturday, 21 November 2015

True introvert?

I am alone at home, tasked (by myself) with the task of cleaning the house (the entire thing). Haven't done that for an embarrassing amount of time.

Facing this I naturally procrastinate.
I "småplockar" (pick up and sort loose items off the floor and surfaces) in preparation of the big bang activity of running the hoover around the place and try to pep talk myself into why cleaning the house is not a bad thing.

I actually end up realising this is far from a bad thing.
Because when thinking of "things that could be worse than this" I come up with the following:

  1. Having to go outside - meaning having to wash up and get dressed properly.
  2. Having to go see people - meaning having to act smart, dress smart and be smart.
  3. Having to go to an event/party - meaning having to dress up, fix hair and face and think of matching accessories and god do I bring a bag will I sleep over do I have to bring a change of shoes..? 
The two latter have the aspect of "having to meet and interact with people" assumed. This is not something I do if I have an option to not do it.

All of the above are SO much worse than cleaning the house that I ended up being rather cheerful at the prospect of staying in and cleaning the house today.

Yay me.
Yay introversy.

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Morskan said...

Ha hah haa! Håller du på att bli som jag eller? ;-) Och skickligt pepp av dig själv där. Borde försöka ge mig på det oftare. Min bästa metod är att överraska mig själv, så att jag plötsligt finner mig med dammsugaren i händerna utan att riktigt veta hur det gick till. x-)