Monday, 24 March 2008


I accidentally watched a film called "Bridget" (imdb link) this afternoon (Tobias was sleeping in my lap). It is said to be about "a desperate young woman who is struggling to get her son back from foster care". But in reality it is a desperate old man's (the director that is) attempt to make an artsy film with his favorite actress where he gets to film as much naked skin as possible without getting it resulting film labeled as porn. *sigh* I could've bought the concept hadn't it been for the fact that I was informed the story was about a 'young woman'. The leading actress was 48 when she portrayed this young woman. I didn't mind the relationship between her and the slightly retarded son of an author she was marrying to get the money needed to buy back her own child, it was in reality the only thing which kept me watching most of the movie. However there were too many scenes which didn't make sense and the story wasn't very tight.

So with the sketchy acting and the nakedness which made it a sordid affair all in all I can not recommend this movie to anyone.

Tonight we will watch the rest of "Big Fish" (imdb link) a much more pleasant acquaintance we made last night (had to break to put Tobias to bed).

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