Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Isn't it ironic...

Just as I have decided to stop this nonsense - writing a blog in English, when my first language is Swedish and as I am convinced absolutely nobody except my sister and S reads this blog (and they're both fluent Swedish readers), just as I've created three entries in Swedish I get my first "external" comment, in English...

What? Hmhh... Eeek! I have painstakingly gone through the pro's and con's of the language used and decided to let go of the English to let the Swedish weave its somewhat more casual threads in here instead.

Sure, I know I have sent this link to a few English speaking friends, but as far as I know nobody actually reads it. So turning the blog into Swedish would make very little difference. Then again as I was doing the maths on which language to use I thought of the fact that I might need the practice. Even though my "Australian days" are long gone and the chances of me migrating to an English speaking country again are slim, it's still good to keep at least a speck of the language alive.

It's too late for this type of decision making. Indeed.

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