Thursday, 8 October 2009


S had the opportunity to taste a new brand of chocolates some time ago and came home passionately describing it to me. I have had some issues with dark chocolate since the start of my last pregnancy (you wonder what this will mean for young David in the long run?) so haven't had much chocolate since as the echoes of nausea still lurks at the back of my mind when thinking about having some. Tonight he had bought some and insisted I'd try it.

It's like a serious heavy-weight champion deluxe variant of the old Swedish classic ice cream "romrussin" but with chocolate and wine, not ice cream and rum. Oh, um, that's a poor comparison now isn't it? It is someway also not too far from another old Swedish classic "Skotte" (soft, rich dark chocolate, raisins, crunch...). But that's the first impression and I happen to love the ol' romrussin ice cream and the "old ladies chocolate" Skotte... :-D
Anyway, they make this chocolate using a special technique where they infuse raisins with wine (Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Merlot) and cover them with chocolate (38% in this case). It is absolutely looovely.
Try it out!

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