Saturday, 5 April 2008

Nina Frisk

I watched "Nina Frisk" (imdb link) the other day. I have had it stacked up in the queue to be watched for at least a few months now and I finally got around to watch it.
I liked it but it could've had a better ending. I am probably damaged after having watched too many Hollywood productions but I really missed "closure" or at least a hint of a resolution for the future for the film's main character.
I enjoyed the rather disturbed relationships portrayed (very Swedish) but I found Nina's mother a little bit over the top. In a way it's almost sad that so many Swedish films typically contains a number of characters on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Maybe it's mirroring our society, maybe it's a reflection of the writer/film maker's own reality?
The only really normal/sane character in this film would be Nina's male (gay) colleague and possibly the brother's wife. Then again, what is normal?

So even if it left me wanting a better ending, it provoked a few thoughts. :-)
A sequel would be welcome.

And I refuse to compare this film with "Masdjävlar", it wouldn't be fair.

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