Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sense of clothing

At some point in time I decided that I wouldn't criticize other people's clothing, at least not to other people. Or at least not to people outside my closest family sphere. Um. Anyway, this is not exactly critique, more a tired comment from a lady growing older by the minute...
Last Saturday I watched a young woman wearing my definition of 'bad choice of clothes' and it made me hope that someone will tell me when I put on something like that. She was a little chubby. She had rather large thighs, which was highlighted by the fact that she was wearing a very short skirt with skin coloured tights and black 'overknee' boots (boots like that were called "CFM boots" in Australia, and believe me it's not a good name or look for that matter). She was also waddling along, rubbing knees together and her feet were following along in a slightly whisking motion, it did not help the look.
I can't help but wonder what she was thinking, did she feel good wearing those clothes? If that's the case - good for her! But gosh, I hope someone would stop me if I ever left the house like that.

On Tuesday I saw another "look" which made me stop in my tracks: A girl, wearing a skirt that was so short I actually saw her undies. WHAT? That's not right? Why on EARTH would you wear something like that? Why not just put on 'hotpants' instead, or why not just skip the skirt all together and go out in your underwear? Mind you I didn't have to look hard to see her undies, they were clearly visible and just there. *sigh* Humanity. The things we do.

I'm old.

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