Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pan Restaurant & Night club

After a long day in town we decided to not go to Magnus Ladulås (we tend to always end up there because of the reasonably priced and delicious food) and couldn't get a table at Kryp In (which was fortunate seeing their menu has jumped up a notch price wise). So we went a-wandering along the cobbled streets of Old Town/Gamla Stan to find a restaurant to feed four hungry adults and a one-year-old.

We stumbled upon this seemingly brand new place "Pan Restaurant & Nightclub" serving "South European food". It was very stylish, clean and open (the place triggered some very old memories of "Marble Bar" in Sydney, only not quite as grand). I worried we perhaps wouldn't be welcome in case it was exclusively for smartly dressed night-clubbers and bar-hangers but after a quick scouting tour inside we were made to feel very welcome by the expressive head waiter.

Nothing in our visit to this restaurant was disappointing. My fish soup was delicious. The 28 days tenderized beef served with french fries and fresh veg's was apparently to die for. :-) Service was excellent although the waitress in training forgot to bring us our drinks (something which the waiter could have noticed when bringing us our food) and the waiter charmed Tobias who flirted back rather happily. They heated Tobias food without protests and served it on a really nice plate with his own cutlery. The waitress even asked if we would like to wait with his food until ours was ready to serve and she suggested a straw for his water, a totally unexpected and much appreciated initiative!

The sound level was low even though the restaurant filled up (half full) while we were sitting there, the space was airy and attractive and the food was great. There's absolutely no reason not to go back there! :-)

There's unfortunately only a few traces of this restaurant on the web, old job ads on different websites (link) but I believe it's located on Stora Nygatan 40-42 (on the corner to Schönfeldts Gränd).

Worth noticing is that at the moment you get 20% off for orders placed before 6pm.

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