Sunday, 30 November 2008

Street Christmas markets

After nearly taking the longest detour ever possible we took a right turn and asked a couple coming from that direction if we were heading the right way (we were) we finally found it - Street Christmas markets.

It was a let-down.

It was small, far from cosy, far from unique and I don't see the point in returning. Except maybe for a thick Thai-silk woven winter shawl on sale for 150 SEK...

My brief visit a few years back, when walking around Södermalm a bright sunny Sunday morning together with J & J was totally different. But then again, this time it was incredibly chilly and my expectations were probably too high. It may also be that the "original" Street actually had to shut down and move to a new location, this was a "quick fix" replacement market if I understand it correctly.

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