Saturday, 29 November 2008

Nhu's Thai

We had lunch at Nhu's Thai restaurant at Hornstull on Söder (Stockholm) today, I say WOW! We climbed off the subway after traveling for 45 minutes to get to town for the Christmas markets today and _needed food quickly_. This restaurant was one of two options close by, the place was nearly empty and we clambered in with stroller and baby no problem.
We ordered food, got Tobias food heated and by the time he was half way through his meal we got our food. And what food it was! :-D Glorious food!

We saw on the window outside that it had been nominated to the "Gulddraken" by one of the main newspapers in town. I can clearly understand why now. :-)

S ordered a fish dish which was beautiful in every aspect. It was crisp, it was colourful with a rich spicy taste and the serving was large. I ordered my classic (seeing my appetite is at rock bottom) Thom Ka Gai (chicken soup with coconut milk, lemon grass, mushroom and coriander) and it was yummy. Perhaps not knocking any socks off, but I refuse to review food in this state of appetite! I read later that they serve Thai fish cakes and I SO regret not having some, they are just generally the most delishious Thai food I know! :-) The menu offered some not so regular Thai choices because of an offering of food from the northern regions of Thailand, I like that.

Only bad thing I can think of was that the restaurant was rather chilly as we were one of the few tables inhabited. It probably gets better as it fills up but I still wish they'd have some form of additional heating installed. :-)

More about Nhu's (in Swedish):
DN's Äta ute - beskrivning och hitta dit
DN's Äta ute - recension (besök)

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