Saturday, 31 May 2008


I just remembered this is one of the few games I'm really looking forward to seeing more of: "Spore". The idea of creating your own organism and guiding it through 20+ levels of evolution is very very appealing. Watching Robin Williams trying it out does not make it any less appealing. :-D

I doubt I'll be too much into the "endgame" bits though, that's all about strategy and warfare/exploration. But you never know, maybe once you've created your character/being and guided it/nurtured it through the evolutionary stages you might passionately want to follow it out in space (end level, space exploration).

The game serves up a totally different experience depending on what you do, how you evolve your character. The character's evolution depends on what you make it eat, where you go, how you interact with other beings. Your "world" will also be filled with the creations of other players, so the different servers (or single player with imported characters?) will really be quite different.

Spore demo on YouTube.

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