Wednesday, 31 January 2007

When I was 21

Today during the afternoon coffee break at work we discussed body hair and shaving (yes, I know it's weird, but we ARE a weird bunch).

I came to think of that when I was twenty one years old I had never shaved my legs.

Imagine that! What a blessed, protected and wonderfully free world I had been living in until then.
I'm pretty sure I started the underarm shaving much much earlier. But I had never really looked at my legs until that day.

I remember it like yesterday.

I was visiting a girl I used to be friends with at that time and we were sitting in her lounge watching telly and talking. At some stage my eyes fell upon her legs next to mine.
Not only were they taller, skinny and tanned - they were absolutely perfectly silky smooth! I remember looking at her legs, looking over at my legs, looking at her legs, looking back at mine, and oh-my-god-I-can't-move-what-if-she-realises-how-hairy-my-legs-are?!

Mine probably weren't too bad. Pale for sure. But I mean, the hair was still light and thinly spread. But gosh. I just wanted to cover them. I remember having issues continuing to focus on our conversation.

I was SO innocent until then. I had spent all my time in the stables. Horses don't care if you're hairy.
Had I been a different person if I never discovered that difference between my legs and other women's legs?


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