Friday, 26 January 2007

Compulsive behavior

I got home at 22:30 (from work). That means I've got the night off, no after work stuff, and S isn't even home. What do I do then?
  • Turn on the washing machine (while taking my shoes off)
  • Log on to Warcraft (checking AH)
  • Pour myself a glass of yoghurt (to accompany the penicillin)
  • Switch on the iron
  • Go back to Warcraft
  • Back to the iron, iron and hang curtains in the kitchen
  • Dress out of work, into home, prep something more to eat
  • Warcraft again
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Hang the laundry
  • Get seated in front of Warcraft with enough food and drink to last for a while
Yesterday, when S had a "night off" from work, he came home, made something to eat and sat down in front of Warcraft. For the rest of the evening.
OK, yesterday he actually hung the laundry, because I asked him before I left... but still. No curtains ironed, no pre-cleaner cleaning up, no he just relaxes.
Damn him.

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Stig said...

It must be done sometimes.