Sunday, 28 January 2007

Larry O

Amazing, one of my old classmates and former colleagues made it into one of my dreams last night. :-D

I received an email from my old boss a couple of weeks ago, where he complained that Larry was going to leave - did-I-know-anything-about-it??? Obviously I don't, I haven't been in touch with Larry since the day I left my old job, roughly 12 years ago.

But we did get along really well, seeing we had been classmates and all. But I never would've bet on him making it into one of my dreams. :-D
He turned up in my dreams, wearing skimpy sport-shorts, just like he did on occasion back in the days (avid runner as he was). He turned up in my swanky office (with a lounge and a kitchenette!) wanting to have a gossip, as that was something we actually regularly did. [<-- this is the dream I'm describing now]

What a dream. :-D A blast from the past.

Now, warcraft time! *off*

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