Saturday, 20 January 2007

The Burning Crusade

Yehey! It's fnastastic!

It's pretty much just more of the same, but hey, when "the same" is so darn good it's hard to not like the new bits.
I got hold of a collector's edition the other day, going to have to work out if I can still get the extra in-game pet despite first entering the non collector's edition serial numbers.

The expansion came with two new races, "dranei" and "blood elves". The dranei are supposed to have crash-landed on Azeroth with their space ship(s), so they have a slightly more high-tech version of start-up area than the other World of Warcraft races. I just had to roll one to see for myself, despite it being an "alliance" character (two fractions, fighting each other - alliance and horde). :-)

I best log on and continue to play.

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