Sunday, 28 January 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

He he! I was surprised by a film which was not just a story about a girl with a bitch for a boss, but they managed to squeeze in a sweet little story about "choose carefully what you do and why". I like that. All actors did a decent job and I am partial to Emily Blunt for playing the "underdog" (the true underdog) in an absolutely crisp way.

I have conflicting emotions caused by the fact that there are lots of realllllly nice clothes and shoes in the movie (read: "Sex and the city") but I'm not at all fond of the idea that you fail yourself if you dress well.

(imdb link)

Meryl Streep .... Miranda Priestly

Anne Hathaway .... Andy Sachs
Emily Blunt .... Emily

Stanley Tucci .... Nigel

Simon Baker .... Christian Thompson

Adrian Grenier .... Nate


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