Tuesday, 13 November 2007


We also watched the movie "Superbad" yesterday (imdb link), an entirely different film on an ENTIRELY different theme than "The Man from Earth" (albeit almost as timeless...). :-D

Good fun, though at times a bit much. But it had heart and a lot of good laughs so it was worth watching. It could possibly be embarrassing at times, but I'm old enough to not find these things embarrassing any longer... ;-)

Good acting all around by the five young actors, and I suppose good acting by the ones (just a few years older) playing the two policemen (Seth Rogen and Bill Hader, also in "Knocked up") but I can't help feeling that I would've enjoyed the movie just as much even if that bit wasn't in there. The cops felt like an addition poured into the script just for a laugh and a chance at some more dorky slapstick humor. But then again, it kept the story rolling (screeching tires!), so it was not too out of place.

The language was rather rough, even for a hardened Swede. But the story's rather sweet. :-)
I do recommend watching it for laughs and bitter sweet memories of our teens (although I think you have to be American to have ever had to live through the particulars of this story). :-)

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