Sunday, 18 November 2007

Blades of Glory

"Blades of Glory" (imdb link) kept us entertained tonight. Much more so than I expected. :-)

I have a feeling that any movie with Will Ferrell is a bit over the top in every aspect, but in this case it worked. It's fun, reminding me of "Dodgeball" but with less heart.

Two male superstar figure skaters get in a cat-fight at a price ceremony and get banned from ever competing in figure skating again. They resolve it by using a loop hole in the rules allowing them to skate as a couple (Go gay and lesbian rights! :-D Why don't we see more of this in real figure skating?).

It's no true 'underdog' rather film, more a bundled up goof show, with some style. I still have issues with Jon Heder's jaw/tooth combination - but never the less, it all worked for me.

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