Friday, 9 November 2007


I just finished the last of the JellyBelly jelly beans we bought in Edinburgh. :-( BOHOOO!
I have been saving them (actually mostly forgot them in the kitchen cupboard, but hey, it worked), and thought I'd have them as company this fine evening (S is downstairs playing Civilization with the boys).

I just can't believe I haven't stumbled on these beans anywhere in Sweden! They must be the best tasting candy in the world! :-D It's almost impossible to pick a favorite, but the one on the picture above is a candidate "lemon lime". Toasted marshmallow and top banana are also quite delicious. The weirdest thing with these beans is that they taste so much. They taste what they're supposed to and claim to taste, like "buttered popcorn" for instance. Real yucky but still, it tastes exactly that! :-D I get a definite "Harry Potter" feeling when eating JellyBellys, thinking of "Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans" except these ones all taste OK... :-D The only thing I have tasted that comes even remotely close to these beans are the Norwegian "seigmen" S introduced, they too have a very rich and pleasant taste.

JellyBelly official webpage

Official 50 flavor guide

I must make that my mission, to find a reseller of JellyBellys in Sweden, preferably in Stockholm. :-)

...and this idea rhymes SO badly with the fact that S and I agreed we'd have no more candy before Christmas! X-)

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