Sunday, 18 November 2007

The Good Girl

Mum and I watched "The Good Girl" tonight (imdb link), with Jennifer Aniston, John C Reilly and Jake Gyllenhaal. I want to specially also mention Zooey Deschanel who spiced up every single part of the movie she was in. :-) She and possibly a few others of the supporting acts did a terrific job and without them the film would not have kept me watching it through to the end.

[SPOILER follows]
A dreary dreadful story about a woman who lacks every ounce of energy to do something about her life (which we are made to understand she doesn't like) and has a husband who's taking drugs every day after work. She escapes reality in the arms of a teenager (he comes across like one) who has some serious mental issues and the maturity level of a pubertal (egotistic) seventeen year old. She tries to avoid exposure by having sex with her husband's best friend (good thinking there) and ends up pregnant (by either of the two non-husbands), married to the same man and even more miserable, with a dead lover and a weirded out husband's best friend and all her colleagues knowing all about her messed up life.
Totally depressive.

If you have other movies to watch, or something more meaningful to do - don't bother watching this one.

But then again, watch it - if you want to know why it's never a good idea to have an affair. I like the fact that her new boy-lover is totally insane and it's made quite clear he's never going to make her life better in any way. Only she can do that, but the movie's not about that.
Blech! I don't even know what the movie is supposed to be about. Perhaps nothing more than what meets the eye?

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