Saturday, 10 November 2007

Picture test

I found this test in a blog called "" (Swedish) and it can be traced back to a Mats Strandberg. Both of these fine people would like you to link back to them with your result if you do the test. :-) I wouldn't mind a link to your results in my comments either! ;-)
RULES: Please answer the 12 questions, not in words but perform a picture search at Google for your answer. Use the FIRST useful image it finds. Use it as "answer".

  1. Which year were you born?
  2. How do you define your sexual orientation?
  3. Which is your best quality as a lover?
  4. Which is your worst quality as a lover?
  5. What do you look for in a partner?
  6. Who was your first secret childhood crush (first name)?
  7. Which profession is the sexiest in your opinion?

  8. Which famous person is the hottest?

  9. What turns you off?

  10. Who did you have your first real relationship with (first name)?
  11. Which body part, except the mouth, do you like to kiss the most on a partner?

  12. On-screen lovers (movie or TV) that you like?

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