Sunday, 18 November 2007

Lamb roast

1.200 kg roast, rubbed carefully in "Himalaya Kangaroo Salt" (he he, funny name, I know, contains mixed herbs and spices with salt, with a certain tang of lime) and rosemary, braised in iron pan with butter and garlic. Add 5 dl water and roast in the oven with a cut up yellow onion until 65 degrees (center temp), regularly ladle the water/gravy over the roast during the hour or so it takes to roast. Add a couple of grams of butter (50-100 g) to the pot before removing the roast from the oven, to make a delicious base for a sauce. Potatoes roasted with olive oil until surface crispy and golden. Pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots roasted with (a tiny bit of) olive oil and salt in oven until soft.

Served with salad and preferably a nice red wine but hey, no wine for me, so we had water and cordial with our meal instead. Thank you mum and S for keeping off the red stuff for me! ;-)


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