Monday, 10 December 2007

Warcraft saves lives?

It's all over the place, blogs newspapers and of course gaming sites: "World of Warcraft saves 12 year old boy from attacking moose". :-D

Apparently the boy was out walking in the northern Norwegian forest with his ten year old sister when a moose charged. The girl ran away but the boy attempted to scare the moose away (bad idea!). When it didn't work and it was too late to run away the boy is quoted to have applied a skill he learned as a level 30 hunter in Warcraft - "feign death". It worked and the moose went on its merry way. :-D

Who'd ever guess it would come in handy in such a direct way? :-D

DN - "World of warcraft" räddade 12-åring (in Swedish)
Nettavisen - Ble angrepet av elg (in Norwegian)
WoW Insider - "Now if only he'd been able to control his DPS in the first place, he'd never have aggroed at all." - World of Warcraft helps boy survive moose attack

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