Saturday, 1 December 2007


I feel like a pyroclastic flow sometimes. I can't help it.

Wiki: "A pyroclastic flow (also known as a pyroclastic density current) is a common and devastating result of some volcanic eruptions. The flows are fast-moving currents of hot gas, and rock (collectively known as tefra), which can travel away from the volcano at up to 700 km/h. The gas can reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. The flows normally hug the ground and travel downhill, or spread laterally under gravity. Their speed depends upon the density of the current, the rate volcanic output, and the gradient of the slope."

I get mad to the point where I no longer can control my actions, or primarily - words. *sigh* Mostly I keep it inside though. So if I seem a bitt stiff at times, consider that I might be dealing with that internal volcano...

On the other hand, there are few other things that can soothe that volcano as efficiently as something completely silly and funny slipping out of my better half's mouth, like the other night: "please would you mind changing the nappy on Tobias so I can fasten the last stitches on the embroidery".
That was not something I'd ever in my wildest imagination expect to face as a reason (excuse?) to not do the nappy-changing thang... :-D

Then again, never in my wildest imagination would I have imagined being here, in a house of my own, with a wonderful baby and a loving fantastic man by my side, had someone told me so in 2004... :-)

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