Saturday, 1 December 2007


A colleague just went on a two week vacation to Gambia.
Had to check it out on the web and it looks pretty nice, I'll make sure to get a first hand review from her when she's back. She's travelling with her husband and one year old son, so there'll be a "baby-friendliness" aspect on her review. :-)

Gambia is a funny little country, at first glance it looks like they've taken the river and made it a country. Reading a little more about it shows that that's probably exactly what they did. The colonial countries Great Britain and France divided the lands between them. Gambia is surrounded on three sides by Senegal and on one side the Atlantic ocean and is officially called the "Republic of The Gambia" indicating that it's a "republic of the river". :-)
Population: 1 600 000 (2006)
Surface: 11 295 km²
Capital: Banjul
Wiki-facts about Gambia.
Travelpix - photos from Gambia

Gosh, I'd REALLY like to go someplace sunny and warm soon.

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