Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Warcraft makes you calm and drink less

Swedish newspaper DN had an article today about how students who play computer games are not the overweighted, couch-potatoes we used to think. Instead they are less stressed and drink less alcohol than teenagers the same age. Apparently they have found that video/pc games are easy to relax with which leads to less stress with other things in life.

I can sign for that. :-D We have never spent as little money on food, drinks and other entertainment as when we have had spots of intense gaming happening at home. You can easily spend 500 SEK (and that's cheap) on a night out but when you're rather at home and in front of the computer you have that money saved. Not to mention all the silly things you don't do when you're in front of the computer (that you might do when you're out clubbing). And it is mind numbing, in a nice way. To vegetate in front of the computer, in a different world for a short while actually takes your mind off work and other worries quite efficiently.

I'd be prepared to say that babies have the same effect as Warcraft, but I find I eat more and stress a little more now that we have one of those little miracles in our lives. :-)

Article in DN (in Swedish).


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