Saturday, 8 December 2007

"The market"

...and the price of pants.
I read some time ago about why the share value of Lindex went down a few years ago - they had purchased too many of the wrong kind of pants. The share value went down, ten executives had to go. Heh.

I know my company is controlled by a board of directors bringing various relevant areas of competence to work for our best. But there's also "the market" factor. The market, that's um, us? Us, as in the share buying money earning people?
How much does the marked decide that what we are doing is the right thing. Who says we haven't stocked up with all the wrong types of pants? Are we planning to release what the market needs in a year or two? What about in ten years?

I always find it's difficult to understand some of these things. And I certainly admire those who dare to venture out there, stick their necks out and dare to go forth with their ideas of what the market wants.

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About Lindex and the pants:
DN - Byxorna drog ned Lindex (in Swedish)
Aftonbladet - Byxberg knäckte Lindex (also in Swedish)

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