Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ding 42!

First find the mob. Then kill it. Or steal its stuff. Or die trying.

The first part is generally the one that makes you spend hour upon hour in front of the computer...
Or alternatively, like I've been doing for the past hour:
  • traveling to hand in quests to various cities and quest givers.
  • traveling to trainers in various skill areas (hunter, leather worker, first aid, cooking etc).
  • checking the in-game auction house for useful new weapons and armor.
  • selling useful items on the in-game auction house so the characters can get in-game money to buy new weapons or other stuff.

Not so much gaming as administration really. But somehow Blizzard manages to make all of these types of activities entertaining too.

My draenei hunter is now level 42, with a nice set of skills a ridable elek (60% increased movement speed) and a hunter's pet she probably should replace with a new one (but doesn't have the heart to) and a pet chicken (just for fun).

And I'm hungry. And there's no baby in sight (although he's making himself known in various ways). Must go downstairs and fix something to eat. Then it's time for bed. High time for bed even. God knows when our last undisturbed night will be... 8-)

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