Monday, 1 October 2007

Cirque du Soleil - Delirium

We went to Stockholm Globe arena to see visiting Cirque du Soleil's show "Delirium". It was a birthday gift from S, he bought best seat tickets already then, back in May. :-)
It was worth the wait!

Delirium is more like a musical concert than a circus show, the acrobats were still doing amazing things but it was the drums and the music that carried the show from one end to the other. And I loved every minute of it. :-)

From reading the reviews available on the net it's easy to tell that not everyone liked the show, people have problems with anything from the "mediocre" music to the lack of acrobats and more. But to me Cirque du Soleil will always be something else. It's not a circus act. It's not music. It's not ballet/dance. It's not a video performance show. It's all of the above! I like the fact that it's slick, that it's designed, that it sounds massive, that it's got a story line that it's nothing like ballet or a musical concert. :-)
My only complaints would be that it was rather short.

If you haven't got the opportunity to go see them somewhere near you or elsewhere in the world I have to recommend watching one or two of their shows on DVD, for instance "Quidam".

More information about Cirque du Soleil here
Review and newspaper article (Swedish) here

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