Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Andreas Vollenweider

A colleague gave me a copy of a CD with some music by Andreas Vollenweider the other day, he spoke very passionately about the effect the music had on his six month old son and wanted us to have a copy in case our son would also benefit from it.
The album "White Winds" was originally released in 1984, and me listening to it around then was more my sisters doing than anything else (as she was my main influence in all "grownup" areas of life). It was around the same time as Jean Michel Jarre was big, all in the sparkly colourful 1980's.

To my surprise I find it rather relaxing myself, which was the reaction my colleague spoke of. Whenever his son is in a bad mood they turn this music on and the boy relaxes, focuses on the music and stops being frustrated. :-)

S doesn't find it very appealing though. But I'm still thinking it's worth a try. It may even get to go with us to the maternity ward when it's time... *evil grin* (S will just have to live with it).

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