Saturday, 22 September 2007

Gaming night

Computers are funny.
Or horrible. Depending on how you look at it.

I was supposed to enjoy an undisturbed evening of World of Warcraft tonight. Planned to work a little from home to warm up (I know, I know, silliest excuse you've heard). Just needed to approve some time and fill in my own time, write some protocols and look at some stuff. Suitable to do whilst eating dinner.

But I'm too tired to do that, so instead I surf the net and read the (online) paper while I have dinner. And time flies.
And I really have to do those work-things.
Suddenly it's midnight and all I've done is look into AH (WoW) to see if I've sold something and check out pictures of Kiera Nightley (who was written about in Dagens Nyheter). No work done.
So I finally get some work done.

And now I'm so totally too tired to play. I'll only fall asleep while trying to run to the mob I am supposed to work at if I try to log on now.
And the most stupid thing is that I couldn't really do any real work (apart from the paperwork) because I don't feel like explaining why I'm writing work related emails after midnight. Not to mention why on earth I am administrating support cases at this ungodly hour...

So I think I'll head to bed instead. S is downstairs with his two mates playing a round of Civilization which seems to not end this side of the night.

Perhaps I'll play some Warcraft tomorrow?

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