Sunday, 23 September 2007

"Damernas Värld"

I borrowed a typical Swedish ladies magazine from a colleague and it is with mixed emotions I flick my way through it at breakfast. Who on EARTH think that spending 12 000 kr on a handbag is a reasonable thing to do, to spruce up your autumn outfit? Never mind spending 5-7 000 kr on a suit? Well, maybe I'd do that if I worked in another line of business than IT (or perhaps if I had a higher level of professional ambition?), but still. There are SO many more fun and useful things you could do for 7 000 kr's... (buy new gutter pipes for the house AND have someone install them for you amongst other things).
Well well, I suppose these things works as either distraction/a possibility to dream yourself away from current reality or alternatively as a sanity check (as in: is this sane, do I agree with this?).

Then again, amongst all the ads with bright coloured assessoires and teenage models you find a few interesting articles. Like the one about the Argentinian lady who moved to Stockholm for love (and for a more stable national economy). She manufactures shoes for named Swedish designers and clothes brands as she brought her manufacturing and design education with her. She states "Swedish fashion is nothing like the fashion in Argentina" no big surprise there, but still it gives me a small amount of satisfaction to read that we Swedish women are "practical but fashionable". Heh. So our heritage in carved wooden shoes with curbits painting on them is still represented in the type of shoes we wear today. :-)
In Argentina they make two models of all the bridal shoes - one for the formal parts, near-impossible to walk and stand in but very pretty, another more comfortable one to put on when the party has become drunk enough to not notice the change... If us Swedes get married at all, we tend to have ONE pair of shoes, and they better be darn comfortable AND nice (and preferably useful on more occasions). :-)

Confirmation is a good feeling.

But now I'm upstairs again, in front of the computer - with Mando Diao's "Ode to Ochrasy" in my headphones and looking forward to chopping my way further towards level 39 in Warcraft.

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